• Are you tired of chronic pains and illnesses?
  • Are you tired of visiting doctors and paying too much for the treatment?
  • Are you looking to avoid harmful side effects that your medicines are causing you?
  • Are you looking for a natural, safe alternative to healing and preventive cure?


If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you have come to the right place!

At HealthGini Homeopathy, we connect you directly to expert Homeopathic Doctors, who help you to recover from illness, treat longstanding medical conditions, and guide you to achieve optimal health and wellness. With lives becoming busy, HealthGini Homeopathy, the online homeopathy treatment service, is now at your doorstep. All it takes is a few minutes to set up an Online Homeopathy appointment at a time that is convenient for you.


Online homeopathy treatment

HealthGini Homeopathy stands 100% behind our services and our commitment to you. If at any time, you are unsatisfied, you may contact us for a full refund.

Homeopathy is a natural and effective system of medicine that is extremely effective in boosting the body's own immune system to fight diseases, and we want the benefits of Homeopathy to be available to all. Homeopathy is extremely safe to use even for kids and pets with no noted side-effects. Homeopathy treatments are effective for treating common medical conditions such as:


  • Common cold
  • Flu
  • Headaches
  • Digestive disorders
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Kidney problems
  • Skin irritations/disorders
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Depression
  • Weight loss
  • And many more…


If in situations Homeopathy is not the best alternative for users we will eagerly guide them to better medical options.

Benefits of Joining HealthGini Homeopathy

At HealthGini we provide a world-class online Homeopathy clinic that provides the highest quality, convenient and affordable Homeopathy care and wellness management services. We believe that every individual has the right to best possible wellness care and it should not be expensive! Every chronic case is reviewed by a team of homeopathy doctors before coming up with a treatment plan. We pride ourselves in providing premier homeopathy service at non-premier pricing.


Becoming HealthGini member is absolutely free and you can use a wide range of tools for storing your consultation records, immunization details, and managing your health metrics like Blood pressure, Weight, Cholesterol, etc. For consulting with our doctors you can either make a one-time appointment for $ 75 or buy a 6 months package for a low price of $ 275. This also covers the cost of the medicines (including shipping costs and taxes) and any follow-ups needed. For more details on pricing please click here.


Our clients get 100% professional commitment and services from us. Also, you may contact us for a full refund, if you're unsatisfied.

How HealthGini - Online Homeopathy Treatment Works

how healthgini online homeopathy treatment works

HealthGini Homeopathy's Helpful Services & Features

  • 24x7 access to the international panel of expert Homeopathy Doctors
  • Review each chronic case by a team of doctors before coming up with a course of action
  • Unlimited free follow-ups for any case
  • Free access to secure and powerful, yet easy-to-use, online tools for managing and analyzing wellness records, like Blood pressure, Weight, Sugar, etc.
  • Easily share wellness records with your doctor
  • Natural Medications directly delivered to you
  • No membership fees

HealthGini Homeopathy's Amazing Features

Make An Appointment

Conveniently schedule appointments and follow-ups. Just tell us when to call you.

Manage Appointments

View the details of upcoming and past appointments. Any questions and follow-ups are a click away.

Build Case Histories

Simple, easy-to-understand interface and unlimited storage to quickly build case histories.


Knowing is usually half the battle. Easily view and share your health metrics.

Blood Sugar Tracker

Easily track and analyze your Blood Sugar

Cholesterol Tracker

Keep a diary of Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL and Triglycerides

Blood Pressure Tracker

Easily record and analyze your blood pressure & heart rate.

Weight Tracker

Keep control on your weight and trends.

HealthGini - Online Homeopathy Treatment Features

Custom Tracker

Want to track something you don't see above? Yes, it's possible too!

Sneak Preview into How It Works


At Healthgini Homeopathy our goal is to provide the best possible access to Homeopathy treatment at affordable prices. We have two simple payment options:

Single Appointment

$ 75

for a single appointment and any prescribed medicines

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The price above includes shipping cost for the medicines and any applicable taxes. Follow-ups for any appointment are absolutely FREE!


Our doctors are available 24x7 to serve you and help you attain your wellness goals!