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Chikungunya treatment by homeopathy

Chikungunya treatment

Chikungunya is a form of viral fever caused by an alpha virus that is transmitted to humans by the infective bite of the Aedes-Egyp Tii mosquito. This type of mosquitoes bites during the day. The symptoms of chikungunya viral infection are high fever with severe joint pains. The joints also show swelling and stiffness. There is also a loss of appetite, rash on skin and petechiae, nausea, vomiting, conjunctivitis, backache and headache.Chikungunya treatment by homeopathy medicine is the best way to get relief fast.
Chikungunya infection usually retracts within three to four days but the joint pain continues for weeks and months, even years in a few persons. The homeopathy medicine can treat and provide complete relief from the symptoms of chikungunya fever. These unique symptoms include presence or absence of thirst, the desire to cover or uncover oneself in fever, the worsening or relieving of symptoms in joint pains and any particular desire to eat or drink, restlessness or the need to lie down.

Primary symptoms of chikungunya include fever which can reach 39°C, petechial or maculopapular rash usually involving the limbs and trunk, arthralgia or arthritis affecting multiple joints which can be debilitating. The joint pains can be severe and even crippling. Fever typically lasts for two days and abruptly comes down, however, joint pain, intense headache, insomnia and an extreme degree of prostration lasts for a variable period, usually for about 5 to 7 days.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Chikungunya Treatment

Polyporus Pinicola: Polyporus Pinicola is a homeopathy medicine for chikungunya fever with a headache and joint pains. A person needing Polyporus Pinicola have congestion in the head with hot flushed face. Constant nausea may also be present. There are pains marked in ankles, knees, wrists and finger joints. Restlessness may attend along with joint pains at night time. Along with all above symptoms, profuse sweating may accompany. In some cases, back pain and pain in shin bone may be present…

Bryonia: Bryonia is a natural homeopathic medicine that helps to treat joints pains in chikungunya fever. The joints are very painful and swollen. The patient can get relief by homeopathic medicine Bryonia from joint pains. Patient presents with fever with a full pounding pulse with severe dryness of mouth, with excessive thirst, often constipated, severe stitching pains, which are aggravated by slightest movement.

Arnica: Homeopathic medicine arnica is best herbal remedy for chikungunya when petechiae are present under the skin along with pains and other symptoms. Apart from specific joint pains, there is a sore-bruised feeling in the patient’s body. The patient constantly changes position on the bed. In addition to these symptoms, the hands and feet are markedly cold.

Rhus Toxicodendron: It uses in fever with urticaria, hives. Pain in joints fever with. Hot and painful joints with great physical restlessness. Patient incline to change posture continuously or stretch the limbs.

China officinalis: It use in intermittent fever with great periodicity. An intense headache during fever. Prostration both physically and mentally. Joints are swollen, very sensitive to touch and better by hard pressure. Debility and trembling of extremities.

Arnica Montana: Severe pain in extremities. The great fear of being touched or approached. Pain in extremities as if bruised o beaten. Everything on which he lies seems too hard. Sprained and dislocated feeling.

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