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Accusations have not been confirmed or denied by Khan's representatives. Folks need to get over it and stop peering into others life's your bound to find something lurred when anyone's life is put under a microscope. His wife is over it and they have reconciled and that is far more important. What he did was perfectly natural.

British Pakistani Boxer Amir Khan

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Faryal, 25, last month accused his sisters of bullying her and posted a naked picture of Haroon online revealing the family rift. He loves his wife but he loves his parents and his siblings too. Double standards? Harry Haroon later tweeted something about me not showing them respect at the wedding then he deleted it. The pair first tied the knot in Islamabad in December before throwing another lavish bash in Rawalpindi in August.


It is not easy being a celebrity. And when you are a sports person, you need to keep up with the media. Sometimes, there are things that ordinary people get away with. But as celebrities, it is not easy to have the same kind of liberty. The X-rate video allegedly has Amir Khan doing a sexual act while having a conference call with the US, Arizona-based female model, using Skype.
A sex tape allegedly featuring former world champion boxer Amir Khan has been leaked to a major US porn site. The X-rated clip shows the Olympic silver medal winner in just a T-shirt and boxers performing a sex act on himself while in conversation with a female model on Skype. Farya has recently been involved in a public feud with the fighter's family and, according to the Sun , is said to be "absolutely disgusted" by the video.