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Sign In. Edit Color of Night Showing all 63 items. Although this film was a box-office failure, it did very well in the home video market.

A Brief History of Male Full Frontal at the Movies

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In the video version, 15 minutes of footage have been restored that were edited out of the theatrical release last year. But Richard Rush, who directed the movie, says anyone who thinks that all of the new footage in this Hollywood Video release is like that is in for a surprise. The picture makes more sense. The characters make more sense. The stress of that situation reportedly helped drive Rush to a heart attack. And though he promoted the film at the time, he says now that he hated that version--just like most of the critics. When his therapist-buddy is murdered and the finger of suspicion points to someone in a therapy group, the psychiatrist takes over the group to find the killer and meanwhile starts romancing a sexy patient March.

'Color of Night's Full Frontal: Close, But No Cigar

Richard Rush was a director who made a very specific kind of film. He made them very infrequently, but when they arrived in theaters, they were unmistakably his. His was a very unique style that blended amazing camerawork with stories that involved the protagonist suffering severe emotional blows and looking for solace wherever he or she can find it.
The one that started it all. Richard Gere played a male prostitute in this film, and as such, there was quite a bit of full-frontal nudity, a first for a major Hollywood actor. It was just in the natural process of making the movie," he explained. But if you're shown totally nude and screwing somebody on a bed, that's something else. Ewan McGregor is one of the film world's most notorious full frontal repeat offenders.