Dream of naked woman

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Traditional dreambooks have various interpretation of nakedness in dreams. The most ancient of them state that seeing a naked person implies to sickness and spoiled reputation. Luckily this interpretation usually concerns not the dreamer himself, but the person whom he saw in a dream. There will be some misunderstanding between you two and you will not be able to avoid it. Seeing yourself naked brings illness; beloved one — unpleasant truth; deceased relative — weather change; unknown person — losing reputation; a deceased relative or neighbor symbolizes weather change; certainly into cold one if you thought the person felt cold.

The Real Meaning Behind Naked Dreams

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A dream in which you see yourself naked in front of others is symbolic of an illicit relationship. A relationship in which you might indulge yourself, and which questions your morality. This will only bring you shame and tarnish your reputation. A dream of seeing other people in the nude is symbolic of the fact that your reputation is about to go in shambles because of some people spreading rumors about you. It can also indicate a period of ill health, or a possible hurdle in your way to success, a few pitfalls which might drag you back.

Naked Dream Meaning

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Dreaming that a woman is naked except for her own wife is a sign of rich blessings, and you will get a windfall of accidents and should be used with care. Dreaming of a naked woman will result in behavioral mistakes. Avoid unconventional adventures and rash behaviors. When a woman dreams of a naked woman, her luck is very strong recently. Although it is smooth, she avoids excessive words and deeds and provokes right and wrong.