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Part of the series' charm was the large roster of vivid characters and how distinct each wizard was. Unlike Naruto with the exception of Shikamaru and Temari , the romantic relationships, in particular, felt real and earned. Lucy and Natsu, the two main protagonists, are Fairy Tail 's main ship known as "NaLu" to fans but creator Hiro Mashima has always kept the jury out on their true relationship. Though the original manga and anime series has ended, fans are still hoping for a NaLu confirmation in future Fairy Tail projects. Natsu was the one who invited Lucy to join the Fairy Tail Guild and from that scene forward, they had an immediate connection.

Natsu x lucy

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Originally Natsu who died about years ago, he was revived as Zeref's greatest Demon thought to be strong and powerful enough to make even Acnologia fear him and kill his own creator. According to Atlas Flame , E. D was considerably much more ruthless and cunning, though to the point of having a deadly bloodlust. His capacity for evil was enough that it was said to strike fear into the heart of the likes of Acnologia himself. After being awakened due to Natsu's bonds and Humanity, E. While keeping his desire to destroy his brother and creator this was partially influenced due to Lucy seemingly being killed. Upon undergoing his full Transformation he gained another horn on the other side of his head, his eyes turned yellow with black slits, even more of his face was covered in scales and the Fairy Tail emblem on his right shoulder was replaced by the Tartaros emblem.

'Fairy Tail' Creator Opens Up About Natsu and Lucy's Romance

Register - Forgot Password. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. If there is one thing Fairy Tail fans cannot stand, it is an open ending. Over the years, the series left followers with more questions than answers, but its final chapter managed to address many of them. Still, one huge hole was left open, leaving fans to agonize over the state of their favorite ship.
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