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Earlier this year, our U. This, of course, resulted in us having to disqualify plenty of talented acts, as well as a lot of teeth gnashing among Internet historians and scene veterans. The next step was clear: publish a list of the 50 best American hardcore bands blowing up the scene right now. For both America and hardcore, the times are changing, with unorthodox opinions and previously-marginalized voices rising to the surface within the scene. The band must be still actively playing shows, releasing albums. The band may have metal influences, but must be discernibly hardcore or have hardcore punk roots.

punk and hardcore still live if you recognize...

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Hardcore band Live It Down from Japan have released a live video. Check it out below. So stoked that the Asian bands we write about immediately have access to such a massive audience! Japanese hardcore punk band Systematic Death have released episode 1 of 7 of their USA tour from back in

Post-hardcore band Fugazi upload 800 of their live gigs

To their fans, Fugazi are considered to be one of the most important and uncompromising bands of the past 30 years, influencing acts such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Strokes and The Killers. But the group became known as much for their alternative stance towards the music industry as their post-hardcore music - the members of Fugazi have always been dedicated to keeping concert admission fees as low as possible and don't sell merchandise while touring. They've played over concerts since forming in Washington DC in , over of which were recorded by their sound engineers.
Quarantine sucks for everyone but it's gotta especially suck for hardcore bands and their fans , who really can't exist to their fullest potential without a room full of constantly-moving, sweaty bodies packed together like sardines. A very small number of these bands have been able to translate their usual experience into livestreams most notably Code Orange , who have kinda transcended hardcore at this point anyway , but for the most part it's been a lot harder to be a hardcore fan than a Ben Gibbard or a Waxahatchee fan during these times. And if things were otherwise normal, this would be a great time for hardcore. The genre has been thriving more in the past few years than it had been in a while, and there were so many tours and albums we were anticipating this year that might now be put on hold until