I am number four fanfiction lemon

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I decided to write a one-shot lemony fic about Sarah and John, cause I love them both :] I hope you enjoy it, cause it is only my second fanfic lemon, so lemme know :]. I can feel it. John nodded and sent a text message to everyone else letting them know. The group was nearing Cleveland, Ohio, searching for the last member of the Garde. So far they had found everyone else. Number Five was in Toronto.

For the First Time, an i am number four fanfic | FanFiction

After we leave the lake area, Crayton takes us to a remote cabin in the mountains. He takes a seat at the chair at the corner of the room. The first bedroom I go to has a bed inside of it. Six walks into the room, her clothes dirty from the battle we won today.

I walk though the quiet streets. The younger kids are still at school, so this is usually when I run errands. I've only been here for about a week now but John is starting to grow on me.
The next day, the Anubis travels to the Sanctuary in Mexico. We leave the Anubis, and are approached by a friendly Mogadorian, Six, and Marina. A lightning bolt descends from the clouds, striking a Mogadorian soldier. Marina spreads the lightning with telekinesis, letting the dozens of Mogadorians electrocute to death.