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Doctor Julia Ogden is a well-respected Canadian pathologist, psychiatrist who studied with Sigmund Freud , and surgeon; she is often cited in medical journals ep. She is known to be an active member of the women's general suffrage. Darcy Garland now deceased. It is her earlier work as a skilled, if not gifted, pathologist and medical examiner at the Toronto City Morgue working alongside Detective William Murdoch and the Toronto Constabulary at Station House No.

Julia Brown (prostitute)

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Brown has been described as "the best-known prostitute in antebellum America". She also had season ticket to two theaters, paid for pews in various churches and contributed generously to local bible societies. In the s, Brown entered a brothel run by Rosina Townsend, [4] and later a house owned by Adeline Miller , a well-known New York madam, in Miller Street, eventually becoming the manager of the house. After a complaint from a neighbor, she was charged with common bawdy house. She pleaded guilty and shut the Reade Street premises, [6] but continued to run brothels on Chapel, Church and Leonard Streets. These balls were well reported in the press.

Julia huge tennis balls

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