Monster girl quest paradox walkthrough

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Monmusu Quest – Guide and Walkthrough

Part 2 Walkthrough | Piracy | Strategy Guide

Optional Sidequest Save the Slime Girl Exit your home and head to the Chiefs House Northwest and speak to him then exit his home and head east to the poison marsh in town and rescue the slime girl. After speaking to her you can go to her tent outside of town to the left and BF her. Upon defeating her you will be rewarded Orb of Life Drain,. Inside you will meet your 2nd BF Ellie.

Complete guide to Paradox

This guide covers both the main storyline and side quests of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox , up to the end of part 2. For the Collab that was introduced in version 2. Start by reading the diary and deciding if you want to add an entry to it. It doesn't seem to affect anything as of now, but it might in part 3. Exit the house or check the barrels for loot first.
Every floors in the Labyrinth of Chaos you are given the option to fight a harder boss, which yields more valuable loot. The previous outdated guide is here. The bosses of Part 2 are divided into two distinct sets. The bosses of set 2 are added into the pool upon entering the bonus floors of the Labyrinth of Chaos 6 times.