Monster girl quest part 3

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Pretty fucking excited for chapter 3. Just played through for the second time. It's Micaela from that one village, and she is a fallen angel thus explaining his meditation skill, and possibly why she didn't want him to return until later later as in he discovred the truth about Ilias, his father and other things. I suspect that while possibly some could be upgraded from his current four which tie into his spirits, others could be based on his latent holy power, where Micaela will train him on these techniques. A lot of this is so nearly confirmed, apart from 5 and 4. I think Luka will fight the big chimeras though, Toro has confirmed there will be a sort of harem scene for them, and that Rapunzel creates the others along with having balanced "stats".

Monster Girl Quest: Chapter 3

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The introduction of Chapter 3 opens with Ilias' forces launching their assault over the entire world. Cut to Iliasburg , where Goblin Girl prepares to head out on her next delivery business. After receiving a lunch box from Vampire Girl , Goblin Girl heads directly to Yamatai Village and stops there for a lunch break, sharing her food with a Nekomata. Suddenly, an ominous, evil chill goes up their spines, followed by a scream from the village. The two proceed to investigate.

Monsterpedia: Chapter 3

After Tamamo and Lucifina finally met back to the surface world and agreed on the fact that Ilias was madness the angel never trusted monsters because they thought Alice was crazy Tamamo finally closes the story is that while waiting for the chance to defeat the Iliad they would find both as Alice would return at some point and had to fight them again but it would never happen now. Luka and Lazarus argue a little before Alice emerges and immediately recognized by Lord Lazarus as monsters while Alice reminds him of his story. They also mentioned that the connection with the spirits is a bond to exert magic for the elements themselves which allows people because the four spirits are personified the elements themselves and serve as pieces which Luka purpose of Promestein sealing upon recognizes them. Luka then becomes Harpy and Kitsune and asks for their name The harpy turns out to be Ipeia or shortly before Pei and Kitsune is appropriately called Nibi.
Monster Girl Quest is an eroge series hailing from Japan which has been translated by Rogue Translator into an English format. Its sequel, Paradox , has had its first two parts released already with the translation effort still in progress, led by Dargoth. Fixes can be found here.