Naked dives

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July 30th, [Pics] After putting it off for years I completed my scuba open water certification in December of and have spent the intervening months joyously diving pretty much every chance I get. I hit 25 dives in January, 50 in April, 75 in June, and after the recent Indonesia diving trip I was sitting at Which after the big summer multi-sport road trip became Then it was only logical to do a shore dive the morning I came back into town leaving me at the ever important th dive milestone.

My 100th Dive (aka Naked Dive) At Shaw's Cove

Naked Scuba Diving Is Trending - For Scuba Divers

Are you ready? Who enforces said rule? Yesterday, we dove in Mango Bay. As I was preparing to enter the water, I glanced over at the boat moored up next to us. My brain kept registering images of skin in unusual places. It made me chuckle, and then after I explained the phenomenon to my divers, they laughed. Now, technically, these DMTs cheated.

Brave tourists STRIP off for naked scuba diving sessions – would you try it?

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I must admit that this is the first time I have heard of this. However,it is apparently widely heard of in certain circles. I hear it is popular in Koh Tao. After looking into this a bit I find that most divers use the excuse of the timing and location of their th as the deciding factor. Naturally most dive locations are well away form the populous, but a lot of folks have hang-ups about going clothes free.