Stories of daughters who love sex with their dad

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Father and Daughter Stories. The idea of a father and daughter romantically involved has always been considered taboo. No doubt, it is morally and ethically wrong. But is it possible for a circumstance to exist in which at least part of it is right? It's ok to get angry when you hear about a father touching his daughter inappropriately, but can there be a moment when it's not inappropriate, when the touch falls between two loving adults, driven by passion contrived of genuine love?

Tale Of A Father And A Daughter

Dad's lessons to his daughter - Sex Stories

After my wife and I were married, we had a little girl. We named her Sandra, and she was a joy to us. Sandra and her mother were so much alike. My wife emphasized the similarity and went everywhere with our daughter dressed in matching outfits. We both spoiled Sandra, but neither one cared. We put off having another child again and again, and the years passed. My wife told me she was pregnant again.

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THE bride posed proudly on her big day with the groom on one side and long-lost dad on the other. Jane — not her real name — has to remain anonymous for fear of the impact on her family and because incest is illegal. But it destroyed me and I will always be ashamed. I would take it out, gaze at him and will him to come and rescue me.
He will be registered as a sex offender for life and just get a few years' probation. I hope my story can reach someone who just needs to hear a happy ending. I am very happy at the shelter with my beautiful little girl but unfortunately I.