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The US is experiencing one of its periodic surges of outrage about sexual harassment and sexual assault, especially of underage victims or of females powerless to defend themselves against male authority figures. How is it possible Harvey Weinstein assaulted dozens of women over many decades, yet remained a liberal hero who supported Hillary Clinton and feminist causes? How is it imaginable that Kevin Spacey, not to mention Judge Roy Moore, could for years grope teenage boys and girls without suffering legal consequences or public exposure until now? Perhaps in the months ahead the American judicial system will produce answers to these questions and take steps to see that this reprehensible behavior is punished and never happens again.

The Hottest Female Tennis Players of 2020

Sex is like tennis - women are making FAR more noise! | Daily Mail Online

The comment was seized upon as evidence of a lack of respect for female players, the idea that their talent was less important than their curves. But that was not my point at all. But even now there are terrific match-ups, particularly when there is added spice, such as with the Serena Williams-Maria Sharapova love quadrangle, of which more. Subscription Notification. We have noticed that there is an issue with your subscription billing details.

How sex returned to the tennis circuit

There's been no shortage of sex appeal on the WTA Tour over the years, but who are the hottest female tennis players actively playing right now? Take a look at my top list below, which features not only some of the finest players in the game today but also the best. One of the big reasons female tennis players are hot is that tennis is hugely popular in Eastern Europe where, on average, women tend to be of a higher standard than Western Women. My own theory is that these places are yet to be conquered by modern-day feminism so rather than loudmouthed swamp donkeys that don't shave their armpits, you tend to get girls who realise there's huge value in looking beautiful both in terms of attracting men and their careers.
By Lucy Waterlow for MailOnline. The courts at Wimbledon will be much quieter from today after Maria Sharapova, who is known as one of the noisiest women in the sport, was knocked out of the tournament. Her shrieks during the game sometimes exceed decibels, while other female players like Serena Williams are also far noisier when playing than their male counterparts. Now a survey has revealed that it's not just on the tennis courts that women are louder than men - they are also far noisier in the bedroom.