Tighty whities wedgie boy

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Click here for other parts. Disclaimer: This was originally a story from WedgieHaven. They had evacuated days beforehand, but without a place to stay, they were crashing with us for the time being. Which sucked for me, considering their senses of humor.

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Urban Dictionary: Tighty-whities

Originally posted by shelgon. Makes no sense that anyone would wear boxers under those suits. And Holland himself admired he wore a thong during filming, anyways lol. You roll out of bed, completely naked. You walk over to your mirror and do some flexes, while checking yourself out. Then you walk into your bathroom and hop in the shower.

A Nerd that used to be in Boxers...

Top definition. Super soft and comfortable white briefs commonly worn by boys and men if they love them so much. You can and will get more than you bargained for. If you get caught wearing them, the following can happen: -Wedgies regular, extremely painful massive, hanging and atomic -Swirlies -Being pantsed sometimes in front of your crush and her friends -Having your clothes taken and being forced to run around the school in your tighty whities while everyone records you on their phones so they can put it on their Snapchat story.
Very, very fun! I posted the rest of your question above, for the ease of anyone trying to read or who shares your kink. If you find a photo or two you should write out a caption and share it with the kinkmunity.