What is the purpose of crotchless panties

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I agree. However I can see where a very conservative woman might have fun with them with her husband on a special occasion. There is nothing wrong with being playful and trying new things now and then, especially where there would be an element of surprise. But in general, they are trashy. They're supposed to accommodate a man who wants to stick his penis in a woman's vagina while she's wearing panties. That's pretty obvious.

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Crotchless knickers are so fun to own - not only do they just feel a little bit dirty and therefore sexy just me? And, there is nothing sexier than slipping your knickers to the side to let someone in to do whatever it is you do. Here are 14 of the best open-crotch pants - from rubber vibes to cute lacy ones. With a row of cutaway panels running down the centre front, trimmed with pale peach scalloped embroidery trims, rosebuds and brown satin bows.

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There are oh so many undergarment styles to suit your below-the-belt needs. For warmth and comfort, granny panties got you covered. For a dearth of panty lines, a thong fits the bill. And when women try crotchless panties in a new BuzzFeed video, we get to see their perspectives on just how different the underwear experience can be sans crotch. Although you might assume the advent of crotchless panties would be a post-sexual revolution thing, babes were actually airing their parts out for centuries.
What is the purpose of crotchless panties? And why in the world would they ever sell them in little girls' sizes? Why would anyone need them especially little girls?