Amateur soccer league

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How long have you been affiliated with Colorado Soccer Association? What do you enjoy most about volunteering, or what do you love most about US Adult Soccer? Building a bridge between youth and adults to create opportunities to continue to play. Developing valuable opportunities for adults of all ages to continue their passion for soccer in all levels.

Amateur League

Read More. Teams that participate in the Fall Cup are not obligated to play in and vice a versa. Each team typically plays an 18 game regular season.
It consists of 54 state organizations as well as regional and national leagues. These leagues are mostly independent of each other, and the division rankings cannot be reliably compared between state or local organizations. There are affiliated leagues and national leagues, in which the national leagues operate leagues constructed out of localized conferences, while multi-state and regional leagues operated leagues that focus on competition with less emphasize on national appeal. USASA has over , adult members within its leagues and teams. The elite league membership program is for the promotion of the top USASA leagues across the country.