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Strictly Come Dancing achieved its best opening ratings for three years with a show that featured its first celebrity same-sex couple after the Olympic champion boxer Nicola Adams and dancer Katya Jones were paired together. The BBC One show attracted an average of 8. There was a reduced studio audience with mandatory face masks, and the celebrities and their professional dancers have formed support bubbles so they can closely interact. This year there are 12 celebrity contestants instead of 15, with a reduced run of nine weeks rather than the usual The cast will be tested twice weekly for coronavirus, and anyone found positive will leave the competition immediately. The opener markedly improved on last year, which launched with an average audience of 7.

Strictly Come Dancing opener with first same-sex couple proves a hit

Strictly's Nicola Adams on why being in a same-sex couple is 'important' | Metro News

Nicola Adams' same-sex pairing on Strictly Come Dancing caused a completely predictable, completely exhausting furore. But, as some of the country's best-placed experts pointed out, to see any type of dance as lewd shows that people have fundamentally misunderstood it as a purely sexual artform. The United Kingdom has always had a confusing relationship with homosexuality. Gay men have often been the unofficial narrators of British culture, the mascots of our art, just so long as they never show any lust or sexual desire at all. Gay women, meanwhile, faced an odd double-edged sword: they were never blackmailed, driven to suicide by the press or advised to experience electro-shock therapy or chemical castration therapy in quite the same way, but only because the British legal system refused to believe women could even be sexually attracted to each other for much of our history. The argument over LGBTQ-inclusive sex education in schools shows that people think sex itself is clinical, but gay sex is fundamentally filthy.

Nicola Adams dancing with a woman on Strictly shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is

The BBC has defended a decision to have a same-sex pairing on the new series of Strictly Come Dancing after receiving complaints from viewers about the move. The corporation said Strictly was "an inclusive show" and that it had been "happy to facilitate" Nicola Adams' request to be partnered with a woman. The show, its statement continued , "is first and foremost about dance". According to the BBC, "the sex of each partner within a coupling should have no bearing on their routine".
Graham Norton has questioned the need for Strictly Come Dancing to feature same-sex couples. Former Olympic boxer Nicola Adams is set to become the first celebrity to be paired with a same-sex partner when this year's series begins next month. Norton said same-sex pairings meant the judges would not be able to "compare like with like". He added: "If you've got two partners who can do lifts and men's bodies are different shapes, how would that work?